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61% of U.S. companies in a recent survey said their #1 reason for having a social media strategy was lead generation.

Source: Survey of U.S. marketing professionals in April 2010 by online marketing firm R2integrated.


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Social Media

In today's challenging marketplace companies need a go-to-market strategy that transcends traditional marketing tactics by integrating social media tools into the business development mix.

Forrester Research surveyed more than 1,200 business technology buyers and found that they exceed all previous benchmarks for social media participation.

Some call this new strategic approach "Business Development 2.0" or the “Collaborative Web,” and it depends on new media tools to not only augment the company Web Site but to infuse all marketing initiatives creating an encompassing digital presence for the business. Over time, leveraging these channels together will generate conversations/awareness about you and bring prospects back to the Web site for qualification or direct outreach to the business development team.

What does the next evolution of business development mean?

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